Shiitake mushrooms are well known for their bursts of UMAMI. Our MushGarden Shiitake Mushroom Chips are cooked at negative pressure and low temperatures to crispy perfection.

Our family believes in the deep connection between people and nature through the foods we consume.

We are passionate about healthy, tasty foods that not only benefit us nutritiously, but also brighten our taste buds upon the initial crunch.

Through our vacuum-fried mushroom chips, vegetable, and fruit snacks, MushGarden provides a perfect balance between nutritions and flavors than any traditionally processed snacks, giving our customers a pleasurable and guilty-free eating experience without health concerns.

This is why we created MushGarden: to bring nature’s best gift, in the form of snacks and chips, to everyone.

Our Process

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Our Mission

To nourish and energize the human mind by bringing nature’s best gifts to everyone.

Our Vision